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Responses to the April 1991 Letter

Apr 20, 1991
Responses to the April article
by Travis Hardin

My notes show that several people contacted me and remarked favorably about my concentrated article in the April newsletter. I recokened about 1% of the membership responded, which I thought was an extraordinary positive response. The article spoke to the intelec of some and to the emotions of others, or to both.

Elliot H. read my letter and called me.  He opened with "kudos", saying my comments were "lucid" and "succinct".  They had "connectedness" and were "an affirmation".  My remarks formed a "juxtaposition" in his mind to the movie "Field of Dreams", which, as a sports fan, he had seen and my letter reminded him of themes in the movie.    

Elliot said he had shown that M-ANATION article to a family friend in Keedysville, Md., Judith T. and said she might like to talk to me.  I called Ms. T. who said about my letter that she is "a kindred spirit. "Elliot's father and I thought the same way as you."  Ms. T. is politically active, and says she is a Smith College alumnus and "an independent person".

Jenny F. said, "You write well."

Ed F. said, in his wonderful 60's way, "You wrote some deep shit!"  

Casey M. said, "You must have been depressed when you wrote that."

Jim S. (a co-worker and non-Mensan) said, "Very eloquent."

Jan C. said, "I think of humor a lot like you do."  (Referring to my letter.)

Last, Kate J. near Annapolis read the letter and befriended me. I was welcomed to her home for conversation and ISPE parties for a number of years.

I wrote to Carol B., newsletter editor, 'Based on the response, and on my need to communicate important concepts, I would be interested in doing a serious column next year on connections between fields of knowledge. We could call it "Wisdom of the West", playing on our location in Western Maryland, or simply "Connections".'