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Electronic Meetings
From the LocSec (July 2008)
by Travis Hardin

Originally published in the newsletter of North Alabama Mensa

Boring but important: Bylaws revisions that have been in process for months were adopted after counting ballots (18-0). The effective date is June 13, and a new provision allows ExCom electronic meetings. Of course we'll meet in person whenever possible. New bylaws can be downloaded from the North Alabama Mensa Web page or from my personal Web site at . The file name of the official version is Approved_Bylaws_of_North_Alabama_Mensa_Jun08.pdf . A redlined version, also at my personal site, allows you to see most of the changes.

If you're interested in being a regional or national officer, candidate biographies are being sought. Please obtain the Candidate Information Form (CIF) at the members section on the national Web site, and send to Susan Heimlich at

At least seven of our members will attend the July Annual Gathering in Denver. Expect photos and reports.

A testing session is scheduled for 26 July 08, 9:00 – 11:00 AM at the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library in the A & B Conference Rooms. Ask interested parties to contact Richard Randall for details.

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