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2007 June Membership Directory Being Published
By Travis Hardin June 2007
Originally published in the newsletter of North Alabama Mensa

Greetings! I have accepted the position of LocSec, with a one-year term beginning May 1. I'll pass on local and national Mensa messages in this column, and may on occasion delve into philosophical topics.

You still may have a few hours or days to beat the June 1 deadline to send us the form in the center of the May NorbaMensa. We'll publish your comments in a membership directory, the first in 3 years, in the July NorbaMensa. If you send no reply, we'll publish whatever you've authorized American Mensa to print. If you like, review yours at (requires your personal password).The directorywill show membership as of May 31. Please email entries to Put "membership directory" in the subject line.

It's a good sign when the Chapter's business is dry and dull. We have such an example:

The national office says we must bring our group's bylaws into compliance with national guidelines. At the next ExCom meeting, we'll seek three people to be our bylaws committee. Those folks will develop suitable bylaws for the group to vote on. For requirements and sample bylaws see: . Please write me if you'll take the assignment. If we find no volunteers, the ExCom will do it, though we are not eager to give the impression of oligarcy. The next ExCom meeting is announced elsewhere in this issue. All ExCom meetings will be agenda driven. Please submit agenda items two days before the meeting. You are invited to attend.

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